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Time and Location

Monday 30/08/2021, 13:15-13:45 CEST, general auditorium


After your presentation about yourself we are setting up teams for the individual assignments. Each team consists of students from 3 nationalities from Ukraine, Israel and one country from Europe. You will be introduced to your team members during this session.

In order to anticipate your wishes and empower the teams, we will follow the following process for giving the assignments:

  • Assignments are presented in the general auditorium (10 minutes)
  • Each group discusses the assignments and setup a priority list (10 minutes)
  • We compare the priority lists and select the assignment that their is a fair priority distribution between the groups. (10 minutes)

Assignment presentation

We will have a quick presentation of the assignment and you can read it below at this page of the wiki.

Priority claim

You have the following 8 "stickers":

  • 2 stickers for "We would like to have this assignment!" (Priority P1)
  • 3 stickers for "Sounds good to us, but not our favourites." (Priority P2)
  • 3 stickers for "We don't know, but can accept the challenge." (Priority P3)

Go to the miroboard and place your stickers. You are only allowed to place one sticker per assignment. If there are two we will take the lower priority ;-) You have 10 minutes time to talk in your group and put the stickers. You also can replace stickers. If you know the selection algorithm, ...

Break out rooms are prepared for your group to have separate discussions. Via the miroboard the overall selection process is visible.

Selection algorithm

The highest priority takes the assignment. Our experience showed that usually this works out well. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that there aren't stickers with the same top priority level from two groups. In this case we 1.) try to find an assignment where a group placed its second Priority 31 sticker. 2.) otherwise one group is randomly choosen 3.) We will try to avoid that a group gets an assignment, where it placed a Priority P3 sticker. In this case it might happen that we rather give a "Sounds good" assignment to both groups.

To get the best results, we decided to make the claiming phase public. This offers more options and maybe allows you to take a different choice to resolve a double priority.

General assignment for online contest

Commercial space flight isn't the luxury for billionaires anymore. A roundtrip to moon and back becomes affordable for many persons, 10 space hotels are orbiting earth and interplanetary travel is on the brink of become real. Yet due to the increasing number of space tourists also medical emergencies increased in space - recently a space tourist even died, since he cannot receive treatment with a specialized medical device.

UN Space Regulation Agency, ESA and NASA are therefore demanding that tourist space ships and space complexes need to be equipped with a well-defined set of materials and a small 3D-printer to create bio-artificial implants or external prosthesis to safe passengers on board during this week trip through space.

The main commercial space operators are therefore inviting start-ups and university teams to attend a contest "10 minutes, 10 millions" to find clever ideas on medical devices to solve the following medical emergencies:

A preliminary list of material is defined, yet you have the chance to place two extra, specialized parts on the list. Mind that weight is crucial and small sized, light parts are preferred and give extra points in the evaluation.

Results of assignment selection by groups

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