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Within the summer school we will facilitate a collaborative working space. Information about the required tools for all participants of the student contests (mentor, students, officials) can be found here.

Technical support on communication

If you require assistance please email to: support

Temporary email for quick contact

During the student contest you will have a temporary email bioart.<firstletter of first name><lastname> E.g. Max Maier will receive the email

This email will be forwarded to the email you registered with and will be an easy way to contact you.

These emails will be activated on the first day of the student contest for all students, mentors and mentors.

Virtual Meeting Rooms - Zoom

We installed the following virtual meeting rooms:

General auditorium

In the general auditorium all lectures and common activities will be organized. This room also have the possibility to separate in break-out rooms if individual work has to be done within the groups.


During the day (9:00-17:30) all activities will be in the main auditorium, since it turned out that switching is too complicated with the individual zoom sessions. It's a lesson learnt and the advantages we considered before haven't shown as expected. Therefore, we created the following break-out rooms:
* Mentors break-out
* Organizational brake-out (for internal use)
* Group 1 orange brake-out
* Group 2 purple brake-out
* Group 3 green brake-out
* Group 4 gray brake-out
* Group 5 blue brake-out
* Group 6 red brake-out
---Please right click and open in a new tab\window---
General auditorium has been closed at the end of the summerschool and student contest. 

Mentors room

This room is for the organization of the mentoring. During the mentoring times all mentors will be present there.

You can either ask a question in the chat or invite them to your group room to ask questions or discuss more complicated issues, respectively.

NEW!!: The mentor room is now a brake-out room of the  general auditorium (see above)

Individual group rooms

NEW!!: During the day (9:00-17:30) the group work will be done in brake-out rooms of the general auditorium. It turned out the logging on and off from the individual group rooms and mentors room is too cumbersome. (see above)

Additionally, each group will have an individual room for their discussion outside the programm. These rooms are open 24/7 and can be used for your "group internal" discussions and communication whenever you like.

We also decided to keep these rooms accessible to all, in case two groups want to meet together. Yet this freedom also comes with the responsiblity to respect the privacy of each group. "Guest" should enter these rooms only after explicit invitation.

---Please right click and open in a new tab\window---  
Individual group rooms have been closed at the end of the summerschool and student contest.

Background for Zoom

Please use the given background picture. Due to COVID-19 we cannot be together in one place, so lets use our background to feel being at one common place.

Please right click on this link to open the picture in a new window\tab or save image in your pc.

Afterwards please go the the zoom settings and chose "background and filters" to add the picture to zoom's background pitures.

The picture might also be used as background for your presentation.

Please make sure that the logos are visible.

Meeting area - Wonder

As alternative gathering place you can meet at the "Wonder Area". A short intro will be given at the session on introduction of electronic tools. The advantage is that you can roam between different rooms.

---Please right click and open in a new tab\window---
Meeting area has been closed at the end of the summerschool and student contest. 

File Transfer - nCloud

Will be open for 2 weeks after the summer school and contest

During your assignments you need to exchange files and create results. For this reason each group has a cloud file space. The open folder is accessible by all and can be used for file exchange between the groups.

Your user name is your email address without bioart and For example: If your email is, your username is 'foo'. You can reset your password using your username or temp email address.

---Please right click in a new window\tab---
* Group 1 Folder
* Group 2 Folder
* Group 3 Folder
* Group 4 Folder
* Group 5 Folder
* Group 6 Folder
* Open Folder

Note it is mandatory that you store all results created during the summer school and student contest on this cloud. A result folder is created especially for this purpose. It will be used by the jury and academic board as well as for documentation for the European Commission co-sponsoring this summer school and student contest.

White board - Miro

Although you can activate a white board in zoom (via the button "share screen") and also save results as images, the zoom white board is not persistant.

We therefore created an online collaborative whiteboard platform from miro to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere. There are five boards to be used by the groups and one general boards for the lectures.

If you're not familiar with this tools you can check out those videos on YouTube:

Miro Whiteboard - Participants Quick Start Guide

Introduction to Miro

Miro Walkthrough: All Functions and Features

You can also read this PDF: How To Use Miro

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Individual boards have been closed at the end of the summerschool and student contest. 

Note 1: you have to create a free account for miro board to use it. Alternatively, you can also use your google account to log in with miro board.

Note 2: please export (final) results and store it on the ncloud as pdf

Project planning tool - Trello

Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world. You can use it at your conveinience if you feel that it helps your work.

Note, that using that tool might take some time to work in and that you have limited time for your assignments. It's up to you, but carefully decide on how to do the project management during your assignments.

If you're not familiar with this tool you can check those videos on YouTube:


TRELLO Beginner's tutorial

Or check out this PDF: How To Use TRELLO

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Individual boards have been closed at the end of the summerschool and student contest.