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The mentors are experts in their disciplines and can assist you during elaborating your assignment. The will help you if you have questions and provide you hints when required.

Do not hesitate to contact them. They will be available all the time via email, but might only be able to answer within the next hours.

How to contact a mentor?

During the sessions for the review of the concept and development of prototype solution they are available online via chat in the General auditorium or mentor room. Additionally, you can write them an email during the complete summer schools hackaton (31/08/2021-2/09/2021) and you can invite them to your group rooms to discuss with them and ask questions.

Assignment mentors

These mentors created the assignments and are in particular important if you have questions directly on your assignment

Assignment nr. First name Last name Partner Contact
1 Oleksandr Tarasov DSEA
1 Andrii Kovalenko DSEA
2 Dmytro Shtofel VNTU
3 Gabor Kovacs DUK
3 Albert Treytl DUK
4 Loren De Vogelaer KUL
5 Aryeh Weiss BIU
6 David Luengo UPM
6 Gabor Kovacs DUK

Technical mentors

These mentors are technical specialists that can help you in their discipline.

First Name Last Name Partner Expertise Availability Contact
Aryeh Weiss BIU Biological imaging, image processing, characterization of fluorescent materials. 30.8. - 3.9.
Szymon Gądek CUT 3D printing and additive manufacturing 30.9. - 2.9.
Andrii Kovalenko DSEA Embedded systems programming, Arduino 30.8. - 2.9. 8-14h
Oleksandr Tarasov DSEA 30.8. - 2.9. 8-14h
Mykyta Ieromin DSEA Python programming
Thomas Bigler DUK Embedded system design and networking 30.8., 31.8.
Gabor Kovacs DUK Electronic design and implementation systems (electronics, Arduino, embedded programming) 30.8. - 2.9.
Amos Bardea HIT Biosensors Bioelectronics 1.9 only
Ronen Sosnik HIT Neural Implant and Brain machine Interface 1.9 only
Dror Lederman HIT Machine Learning 1.9 only
Loren De Vogelaer KUL Additive manufacturing techniques 31.8.-3.9.
Leonard Pastrav KUL measurements in the biomechanics field. (sensoring, ultra-sonic) 31.8.-3.9.
Galyna Tabunshchyk NUZP Software development, embedded programming 31.8. - 3.9
Ivan Sili PSTU Arduino, C++, electronics and embedded programming 31.8-3.9.
David Bar-On SCE Electronics, Sensors and implementation 31.8-3.9.
Avihai Shurin SCE Creative techniques round table 31.8. only
Michal Goldenberg SCE Biomedical Engineering, Biocompatibility 31.8-3.9.
Kfir Ben Harush SCE Biomedical Engineering, Biocompatibility, Chemical engineering 31.8-3.9.
Tom Trigano SCE Python, Programming, ML 31.8-3.9.
Irit Juwiler SCE Optical systems and sensors 31.8-3.9.
Guy Ben Hamu SCE 3D printing, mechanical engineering 31.8-3.9.
Inga Bolokadze SISJP Orthopedics, Medical issues 31.8.-3.9.
David Luengo UPM Statistical signal processing, machine learning, digital communications 30.8-3.9.
Leonid Koval VNTU Signal registration and control, digital technologies, biotechnical and information systems 31.8. - 2.9.
Serhii Sukhorukov VNTU 3D printing, mechanical engineering 31.8. and 1.9.
Serhii Tymchyk VNTU Signal registration and control, digital technologies, biotechnical and information systems 31.8. - 2.9.
Dmytro Shtofel VNTU Description of assignment for measuring surface myography 30.08.-03.09